• Mechanical gaming keyboards really can make the difference between winning and losing

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    June 26, 2020 /  Uncategorized

    Most PC gamers know that a good keyboard is a major key to helping them in online matches. Yet most settle for an off the shelf mechanical keyboard that is typically noisy and unable to truly help them achieve anything over a standard keyboard.

    Upgrade Keyboards has the solution. Their custom-built mechanical keyboards can be created to your exact specification. Whether you prefer an extremely fast switch with a quick actuation point, or a more tactile switch that helps you feel the key press – Upgrade Keyboards can help you narrow down the options to fine the perfect solution for you.

    Quick actuation points help gamers win. The faster your mechanical keyboard switch can register the key press, the faster your character on screen reacts. Mechanical switches have a wide range of actuation points, but Upgrade Keyboards can help you sort through the details, and find the perfect one for your typing style, and your gameplay style.

    It can sometimes be tough to tell what switch the best solution for you might be. Upgrade can provide you with a switch tester with options that will allow you to feel the switch in person so you will know exactly what you are buying. All the guess work in buying a new mechanical keyboard is removed.

    Stabilizers are one of the first things upgraded on most mechanical keyboards. They help to balance the longer keys such as the space bar, shift, and enter keys. Most off the shelf keyboards come with cheap, thin plastic stabilizers that rattle constantly, and can easily bind which causes the key to either be stuck in a depressed state, or sometimes not register at all. Upgrade Keyboards can make sure the stabilizers on your mechanical keyboard are silky smooth, and as quiet as a mouse.

    Custom mechanical keyboards

    Not everyone can afford a truly custom-built mechanical keyboard though. That is why Upgrade Keyboards also offers a full line of services to make your current keyboard better. Their mechanical keyboard services include stabilizer modifications, switch changes, keycap changes, and more. You can choose to send them your current keyboard or exchange yours for an exact model that is already pre-modified which will keep your downtime to a minimum.

    There are of course some people out there that prefer to do everything themselves. Have no fear – Upgrade Keyboards has a wide array of parts in stock. You no longer must search, buy, then wait for months for your new keyboard parts to be shipped in from overseas. Upgrade Keyboards always keeps a large inventory on hand. Whether you simply need new switches to upgrade your current keyboard or are wanting to tackle stabilizer modifications on your own, they keep it all in stock and ready to go. All parts ship directly to you from their warehouse in Houston, TX.

    No matter what type of mechanical keyboard you are in the market for, Upgrade Keyboards has a solution that they will tailor just for you.  Stop by their website and look around, or feel free to give them a call. They are friendly and ready to help you solve whatever problem you might have with your keyboard.